CATZ contract address:

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Step-by-step guide to buying CATZ on PancakeSwap

A. Create a MetaMask wallet

Step A1: Download/Install MetaMask from browser:
Step A2: Open/Import a wallet. Be sure to store your seed phrase safety (preferably offline)!
Step A3: Set up the BSC network. (You cannot buy CATZ on the Ethereum Main Network)

The BSC Network information

  • Network Name: BSC Mainnet

  • New RPC URL:

  • ChainID: 56

  • Symbol: BNB

  • Block Explorer URL:

Step A4: Save. And you are now connected to the BSC network.


B. Buy CATZ on PancakeSwap

Step B1: Go to PancakeSwap @

Step B2: Click “I understand” and “Continue”

Step B3: Enter the amount you would like to buy (for example 0.2 BNB worth of CATZ) then click “Swap”


Step B4: Click “Confirm Swap”


Step B5: Be sure to wait until you see a pop-up window that says “Transaction submitted”


Step B6: Strong HODL and see CATZ x100!

Alternatively, if the link in Step B1 is not working properly, you may:

Step 1: Select “Exchange” from the list


Step 2: Click “Select a currency”. Then enter coin address and select CATZ from the list. Address is 0xbfBEe3dAc982148aC793161f7362344925506903


Step 3: Continue with Steps B3-6