How to buy CATZ on Trustwallet? A step-by-step guide

A. Create a Trustwallet Step A1: Download/Install Trustwallet from Google Play/App store: Step A2: Open a wallet. Be sure to store your seed phrase safety (preferably offline)! B. Buy CATZ on PancakeSwap Step B1: Click on DApps in your Trustwallet.   Step B2: Scroll down and find Pancakeswap listed under Popular. Click on that. Step […]

How to vote for $CATZ on Blockfolio

Hi #CatzNation, in order for $CATZ to be listed on Blockfolio, we will need your support. Specifically, Blockfolio requires 1,200 votes. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to vote for $CATZ on Blockfolio. Step 1: Go to Blockfolio. Step 2: Hit the ‘Upvote’ botton    Step 3: Log into any of […]

From Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain

To transfer assets to BSC, you will have to use the Binance Bridge. Step 1: Go to Binance Bridge. Step 2: Connect your wallet.    Step 3: Select the asset you want to migrate (e.g. ETH or USDT).    Step 4: Select the network you want to transfer from (i.e. Ethereum) and network you want […]

Let Your Coins Work for You. Become a Liquidity Provider

As a holder of $CATZ, you can earn extra passive income by becoming a liquidity provider. Increase the returns that you earn on your tokens by providing liquidity today. You can withdraw your liquidity at any time. When you stake tokens into a liquidity pool, PancakeSwap rewards you with a % share of the platform’s […]

How to buy CATZ on PancakeSwap? A step-by-step guide

A. Create a MetaMask wallet Step A1: Download/Install MetaMask from browser: Step A2: Open/Import a wallet. Be sure to store your seed phrase safety (preferably offline)! Step A3: Set up the BSC network. (You cannot buy CATZ on the Ethereum Main Network) The BSC Network information Network Name: BSC Mainnet New RPC URL: […]