Donation to “The Friends of the Cats”

We are cat fans who believe in the power to make a real difference for the better living of all cats. We will donate 5% of the total supply to charity to support abandoned and homeless cats. “We started CatzCoin because we imagined a world where all cat lovers, regardless of location, can create a community with […]

How to vote for $CATZ on Blockfolio

Hi #CatzNation, in order for $CATZ to be listed on Blockfolio, we will need your support. Specifically, Blockfolio requires 1,200 votes. In this blog, we are going to talk about how to vote for $CATZ on Blockfolio. Step 1: Go to Blockfolio. Step 2: Hit the ‘Upvote’ botton    Step 3: Log into any of […]

From Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain

To transfer assets to BSC, you will have to use the Binance Bridge. Step 1: Go to Binance Bridge. Step 2: Connect your wallet.    Step 3: Select the asset you want to migrate (e.g. ETH or USDT).    Step 4: Select the network you want to transfer from (i.e. Ethereum) and network you want […]

Let Your Coins Work for You. Become a Liquidity Provider

As a holder of $CATZ, you can earn extra passive income by becoming a liquidity provider. Increase the returns that you earn on your tokens by providing liquidity today. You can withdraw your liquidity at any time. When you stake tokens into a liquidity pool, PancakeSwap rewards you with a % share of the platform’s […]

How to buy CATZ on PancakeSwap? A step-by-step guide

A. Create a MetaMask wallet Step A1: Download/Install MetaMask from browser: Step A2: Open/Import a wallet. Be sure to store your seed phrase safety (preferably offline)! Step A3: Set up the BSC network. (You cannot buy CATZ on the Ethereum Main Network) The BSC Network information Network Name: BSC Mainnet New RPC URL: […]

Sponsor Our Furry Friends

At Catz, we do not only want to connect cat lovers. We want to connect cats, cats that need us, through sponsorship. So, we are donating 5% of the total coin supply to the charities that help homeless cats, 1% every 6 months over the next 30 months. CATZ holders get to choose which charities.

Increasing 100x Quick is the Future for Catz but History of Doge and Shiba

If a cat is telling you Shiba Token has a market value of $1 billion and Dogecoin is 30 times that (i.e. $30 billion), how much does it take to increase Shiba’s value hundredfold? $100 billion. What about Dogecoin? $3 trillion. Is that a lot? You can judge for yourself. But it’s 50% bigger than Biden’s infrastructure bill, a bill that the world’s no.1 economy finds it hard to foot without increasing tax.

Why Can’t There be More CatzCoin?

What’s scarce is what’s valuable. Will you ever pay for oxygen? No. Because you can get as much as you like, except perhaps when you are climbing Mount Everest