Our Team

The core team is based in Sydney, Australia and has a strong mix of software development, finance, marketing and sales as well as strategy experience. The core team is supported by community members (currently 25) who conduct outreach to the crypto-community for increased awareness while also conducting work on behalf of the company’s brand with graphics design. For their hard work, they are not remunerated but instead strongly believe in our vision to create a Coin that is more than just a community coin and tomake the world a better place for cats! Above all everyone involved in CatzCoin are cat enthusiasts – maybe you’re one too?

Marketing Catz

James graduated from the University of Macquarie with an eBusiness degree. He has been an entrepreneur within finance over the past six years. His passion and drive has always been in finance and new tech, and when he discovered blockchain technology in 2017 it took center stage. Everything from the established decentralization and censorship principals of Bitcoin, to the limitless innovative potential of smart contracts, he has well and truly “gone down the rabbit hole”. Having the insight of both an investor and technology enthusiast, James has grand vision to turn CatzCoin into something beyond a community coin. He wants to see Catz play a key part in the BSC ecosystem: as a green, sustainable utility token that will generate wealth for its holders and give back to the community. James is of course a big cat enthusiast. His exotic shorthair, Ellie, probably finds him too clingy. It definitely wasn’t a hard decision for James to come onboard the CatzCoin journey.

Social Media Marketing Catz

G’Ralz has been a digital marketer for the past seven years and a senior operations manager for four. He’s been involved with multiple million-dollar funnels and marketing campaigns online. His passion and drive have always been with marketing, specifically social media marketing, and maximizing results for any project he’s involved in. He is not only passionate about marketing but effecting social change. He started gaining interest in cryptocurrency and finance when news hit of the Gamestop pump and the continuing rise of Bitcoin, Etherium, and other cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to traditional currency. He fell in love with CatzCoin as it is one of the few cryptocurrencies with charity as one of its forefront goals and programs. He wants to see CatzCoin not only get to the moon but become an example of what a cryptocurrency should be.