Our Team

CatzCoin was founded by a core team based in Sydney, Australia with a strong mix of software development, finance, marketing and sales as well as strategy experience.  The creators of CatzCoin have a track record including multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain projects that have achieved market capitalizations in excess of $10M USD.

In February of 2022 the CatzCoin team was joined by an influx of new talent, led by Managing Director Wolfswelpe, driven by their desire to revitalize CatzCoin and turn it into a massive success.  See below for an overview of their backgrounds and what they are bringing to the table.


Wolfswelpe, Managing Director

M.Comp.Sci.   Machine Learning Engineer.

Wolfswelpe is a tech industry professional working in the field of artificial intelligence, and he has experience as a website administrator.  He is a true believer in CatzCoin.   His 7-month old orange tabby (seen here) is named Andy. 
Wolfswelpe is excited to bring new life, passion and drive to his beloved CATZ.

Chief Financial Officer:  abacus

B.Comp.Sci, B.Electronic.Eng, B.Econ, MBA. 15 years entrepreneur
3 x 7+ figure start up exits, 3 x public company board seats, 10 years blockchain.

Chief Marketing Officer:  G Man

35 years sales and marketing experience
25 years international business and contract negotiation

Chief Public Relations Officer:  Diluvius

BA.Marketing, B.Ed., 8 years entrepreneur
9 years Bitcoin, >35 years caring for cats

Chief Technology Officer:  DriftKing

BSc.Info.Tech, Networking/firewall expert
10 years high-tech industry

Chief Operations Officer:  Alexandru

B.Soc.Sci, Researcher, >5 years investment experience.
Takes care of a cat at his church named Mitzi.

Director of Memes: Marvin

M.Comm, 20 years marketing experience. Loved cats since he was a kid.

Director of Strategic Partnerships:  Curacao

BA, 9 years Project Manager and Researcher.  Full-time cat lover

Strategic Expansion Advisor: Gypsy Acid Queen

M.Indust.Design. 7 yrs running a design firm, 7 yrs crypto.  His cats love his wife more.

User Experience Designer: Groot

B.Comp.Sci, User behaviour specialist. 12 years data, analytics and CRO.  5 years Bitcoin.

Webmaster: MichiMich

M.Electrical.Eng., Software Developer (C++, python, PLC)

Growth Analyst: Jane Doe

ER Nurse, CICU Nurse, 20+ years in healthcare. Lost cat in sofa for 2 days when she was 13.