CatzCharity Mission

CatzCoin is committed to supporting cats in need by donating at least 5% of the total coin supply to cat charities around the world in our first 30 months.  CatzNation can support their favourite cat charities by nominating them, and we’ll share photos of cats that have benefited from CatzCharity through social media.

Our first donation was given to Les Amis Des Chats Du 15Eme, a Paris-based group that offers love, medical care and new homes to cats in distress.  More donations will be coming soon!

Catz Donation Tracker

 5% of our Market Cap = 5,000,000,000 CATZ

Charity Budget



pati 2

6-8 million

     Number of cats and dogs
     entering shelters each year


3 million

     Number of cats and dogs
     euthanized in shelters each year

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     Percentage of cats
     euthanized in shelters

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