Hodl for Tesla

Catzcoin is 2 month old! We celebrate our birthday and we want to reward our loyal investors, in an outrageous giveaway! 

How outrageous? 10 Tesla outrageous!

We will be giving away a Tesla from a Model 3 to a freaking Cybertruck!

How to win?

Even if you don’t win, think of the 300x gains from here just HODLING your $CATZ!

Terms and conditions for the first Tesla giveaway at $10m Market Cap milestone is as follows:

  • Dev wallet or $CATZ founders wallets are excluded.
  • Winner will be contacted and full names and photos with the car will be published for full transparency so be prepared for this!
  • Winner will be drawn at random through an auditable blockchain random generator.
  • The more $CATZ you hold the bigger your chance of winning (capped at 5% to give every hodler a chance).
  • Wallet must buy at least 20m $CATZ,this must be bought from PancakeSwap and cannot be transferred from another wallet.
  • You must have followed us on one of the socials and liked, retweeted, tagged 5 of your friends/or tag 5 influential Crypto personalities (Elon, Vitalik, CZ etc). You must also list out your wallet to be eligible (one wallet per person to avoid whales with multiple wallets!)
  • Any friends you tag must have all bought some amount of Catz for you to be eligible.
  • Finally, once we hit 10m MC the countdown to the first draw starts – the draw will occur exactly 7 days after.
  • Snapshot of the $CATZ HODLER list along with their holdings % at that time will be published and be used to draw the Tesla winner.

Additional Ts & Cs

  • Rules for subsequent tesla promo may change as we take on feedback from the community.
  • We may ask the opinion of the community closer to draw time if they want the prize to remain a Tesla or equivalent in cash prize spread across many winners, we want to give the community a chance to have a say on the final prize.
  • Catzcoin reserves the right to consider a winner ineligible if we detect foul play, or if the drawn winning wallet does not claim the prize after 7 days: Catzcoin will redraw. We will find a winner!
  • Our marketing budget will go towards funding these Tesla prizes.

Buy some $CATZ, increase your chance!