Introducing CatzCoin: A Community of Cat Fur-ends

We believe that all cats – regardless of gender, fur colour, breed, or size – deserve opportunity, love, and a home.

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Our #catznation is global. Buy some $CATZ and join us on social media!

Why did we create CatzCoin?

Let's grow, learn and love together.

Cat Fans!

We are cat fans who believe in the power to make a real difference for the better living of all cats. We will donate 5% of the total supply to charity to support abandoned and homeless cats.


We champion values inspired by the power of decentralized finance: CatzSwap, CatzFarm, and CatzTrading.


We do this with the power of our global #catznation community and by working together for the good of all cats out there.

How are we different?

We're building a strong, lasting community for cat lovers

We’re empowering cat lovers by providing them with innovative solutions on decentralized finance. We’re providing cat lovers with an opportunity to make huge investment gains. But most importantly, we’re growing a lasting, inclusive community of cat lovers where meaningful conversation and special memories can be shared.

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We're here to save cats, and more

Yes, we want to rival Dogecoin in market capitalization and gainz. But we also want to rival Dogecoin founder Billy Markus, otherwise known as Shibetoshi Nakamoto, in his commitment to be a force for good. There’s no value and joy in building a project based on greed. There’s a ton of value and joy in building a project based on fun and generosity, and we’re here to do that together with the entire $CATZ community.

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We're a global dedicated team

Today’s crypto world is a minefield. Many new projects are scams and rug-pull schemes. Not $CATZ. We want to grow the right way, and we got the right people to lead the way. Our leadership team consists of experienced marketers, developers, strategists, and investors who will take $CATZ to the moon – in an organic and transparent way. You can meet some of us (and our cats!) in our About Us section.


Over the next 30 months, CatzCoin will be donating 5% of the total coin supply to charities that support homeless cats.

The first donation will happen on 31 October 2021. The equivalent dollar value of 1% of the total coin supply will be donated to the selected charity. Photos of the sponsored cats will be uploaded to social media platforms to allow CatzFans to follow these cats and to make additional donations.

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